UVU Fulton Library Exhibit

Fulton Library 800 W University Pkwy, Orem, UT

Utah Valley University's Fulton Library and Sutherland Archives staff have created a brand new exhibit entitled "Conversations in the Archives” for Utah Archives Month! Items include a letter from 1897, a two-way pager, an 8mm feel reel, and a Master Six Splicer from the '50s! If you are in Utah County, make sure to checkContinue reading "UVU Fulton Library Exhibit"

Rose Park Baseball photos

During COVID, the Salt Lake City Library's Day-Riverside branch worked with a generous citizen to scan and provide public access to hundreds of historic Rose Park Baseball photos and documents. The collection celebrates and archives the beloved program, as well as memorializes the coaches and players that have participated over the years. This is aContinue reading "Rose Park Baseball photos"

Book Signing and Reading with Nick Bagley, Author of Abandoned Utah

Weller Book Works 607 Trolley Square, Salt Lake City, UT

Crumbling ceilings, collapsing floors, and caved-in mine shafts are but a few of the perils that await the reader of Abandoned Utah. A new adventure presents itself to all who dare explore these dark and dreary locations. Every place tells its own unique story. Every ounce of dust contains a gold mine of historical significance.Continue reading "Book Signing and Reading with Nick Bagley, Author of Abandoned Utah"